Mt. Lebanon 4th Ward Commissioner

Keeping Mt. Lebanon a safe and vibrant community is something only achieved when we all work together and take an active role in our government, schools, and neighborhoods.

Here in Mt. Lebanon, we have amazing schools, beautiful homes, great municipal services, several vibrant business districts. By all standards, Mt. Lebanon is an idyllic community - but it didn't become that way by luck.

As citizens of Mt. Lebanon, we all work hard to keep our neighborhood among the best in the country. We invest much of our time, energy, and money into this community - especially into our children - Mt. Lebanon's future.

We spend time at the local shops, pick up trash when we see it strewn about, mow our neighbors' lawns, and even sometimes help them add a deck onto the back of the house. We don't always agree with each other, and often our ideologies are far apart, but we always come together for the betterment of our community, and this has sustained us. The point is - we do it together.

From time to time we hear from candidates who claim to have the magic fix - the one trick that will cure all the ills of our society. There is no such thing and anyone who promises that is selling an empty bill.

Of course, Mt. Lebanon is not without issues. Our nation's political environment has fueled hatred at local levels and we have not been immune. But the true test of resilience is how a community handles such challenges, and the residents of Mt. Lebanon have proved time and time again what real community is all about.

Helping our neighbors, protecting the most vulnerable among us, investing in our community, providing top-notch services and an education for our kids that is second to none - these are the things that make Mt. Lebanon great, and I will do everything in my power to keep it that way.

That's the spirit I brought to my first term as 4th Ward Commissioner and the same work ethic I bring today.