There has been so much new activist energy in our area, across PA, and throughout the county. Clearly, there are people who are speaking their minds related to legislation being put forth by representatives of all parties. This energy is exciting and it proves that politics is not just something we do every four years.

As I travel around the area I’m often asked to connect people with different types of groups that offer ways activists can get involved in their local areas. There are many groups and there have been few attempts to organize them into a single, easy-to-read location. In an effort to bring some of our local groups together in one place, I’ve created a Western PA Local Democratic Organization list, which lists some of the active groups in our area.

This is by no means an authoritative list of all Democratic Organizations, but as we move along I’ll make as many updates as I can to further the energy and activism we’re seeing now.

The list is responsive, sortable, and filterable; and it works on any device including mobile devices.

You can find it here:

If you’d like to add your organization, send a note via the contact page.


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